” I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free ” ~ Michelangelo

Mandira Ganguly  was born in July 1964 and grew up in Digboi , Assam where she painted most days for a decade.

After graduating from  Loreto College Kolkata , she lived in Paris for a little more than a year. She attended a three months art course in Paris, France at the American Centre for Fine Arts in 1987.In those months she also got a chance to visit many art museums in a few countries in Europe.

Later she was in service for a long spell and retired early in 2016. She resumed painting on a regular basis from 2014. She  completed  a year’s art course at Swar Sangam housed in Birla Academy of Fine Arts and Culture 2016 – 2017.


She participated in seven group painting exhibits at Birla Academy of Fine Arts and Culture , Gallery Gold, Gaganendra Prodorshalaya and also with Art Rickshaw and KolkataSpeaks.

Her first solo exhibit   ‘Moments of Wonder’  was from  20th to 24th December 2017 at Chemould Art Gallery Park Street Kolkata.

Her  second solo exhibit   ‘Chimes of Miracle’ was from  17th to 21st December 2018 at ICCR (The Indian Council for Cultural Relations ), Kolkata .

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